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For Ag lending, conservation easement, charitable contribution, or estate matters, it is critical to select a qualified Appraiser who has experience in valuing agricultural, rural and special use properties.

Greg Snyder is founder and president of Snyder Appraisal Associates. Raised on a family farm in Lehigh County, Greg graduated from PSU with a BS in Animal Industries and worked for Keystone Farm Credit for 14 years, first as a loan officer then as a staff appraiser.

He is past president of the Northeast Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and holds the designation of Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA).

I grew up hearing the expression "Close the door, were you born in a barn?". I guess I’ve always felt most at home in the barn.  I’m strongly influenced by my agricultural roots. The Snyder family came to Lehigh County in the 1720’s and raised their families on the rolling hills of Lynn Township. I grew up working on our family beef and potato farm. The dawn-to-dusk, hard work ethic of a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer are bred into me.

At Snyder Appraisal Associates, we specialize in rural properties and have the hands-on experience, education, knowledge and yes, maybe even the genetics, to be specialists in appraising rural and agricultural properties.  Our maxim says it best:  “We understand the value of agriculture”.


Katie Yoder grew up on a hog and beef farm in eastern Lancaster County. She was active in FFA, serving as Chapter President and in 4-H showing cattle. Katie competed on local, state and national levels through both programs. She had Grand Champion steer at Farm Show in 2002. Katie earned a BS in Animal Science from Penn State University. She worked for the American Association of Meat Processors and for Farm Credit before starting as an Appraiser trainee at Snyder Appraisal Associates in May of 2015.

Growing up, my summers, winter breaks and days off were spent working on our family farm. I can confidently say growing tobacco was the hardest job I’ve ever done. My parents always encouraged my siblings and me to challenge ourselves, to work hard and do our best, with the refrain: “one day you’ll thank us”. Growing up on a farm was hard work, but today, I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I’m grateful for my parents challenging me, helping me understand the value of hard work and, most important, passing on their love for agriculture.

Jim Kendall, R.A. is a licensed Architect and freelance designer. He earned his BS in Architecture from PSU. Jim has been day-dreaming, drawing, telling stories and making things as long as he can remember. He won first prize for his four-minute animated film Dotz at the inaugural Cinema One film festival. Jim has been with SAA since 2010 where his mapping, research, graphics and writing skills help insure each appraisal is clear, concise, correct and easy to understand. An example of Jim's graphic talent is evident in the SAA logo.

I grew up with a hyper-active imagination that often led me to be more eager to make something and move on to the next project rather than refine and polish an idea. Earning my Architect's license taught me the importance and discipline of editing, refining and perfecting an idea and carrying that approach through the final execution. I strive to bring that talent to our appraisals whether it's the grammar of the narrative or the layout of the graphics.

We share a professional network of Appraisers who specialize and value the same kinds of land that we do. We share information and expertise with the specialists in our network.

We have extensive conservation appraisal experience, a thorough understanding of highest and best use of real estate and are uniquely qualified to assist our clients in making important decisions about their property.



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